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Easy Tips: Please Test Your System Monthly

How to Test Your System

  • Call the monitoring station and provide your security alarm account number.
  • Request the station to disregard signals for a specified amount of time.
  • Arm and test your system by walking through your home, tripping the zones.
  • Disarm the system and call the station to discontinue test and request results.
  • If the results are not satisfactory, arrange for a service call.

Some Common Causes of False Alarms

  • Air: Make sure to eliminate all drafts.
  • Renovations: Be sure to contact us prior to renovations being made.
  • New user: Make certain that all of your authorized parties know how to arm and disarm the system.

Passcodes and Key Holders

  1. Every family member and personal contact for your household or business must have a passcode to arm and disarm the system along with a passphrase to identify yourself with the monitoring station.
  2. Remember to contact us to update your records when adding or canceling a passcode key holder.

Municipal Alarm Permits:

Certain police departments require you to register your alarm upon getting a new home or commercial alarm system. Beyond that municipal permit fees are charged depending on your municipality. To find out about the licensing requirements and potential false alarm fees please contact local police department.

Hub Messaging System

The Hub Messaging System is a community automated notification system that alerts you to important situations like criminal acts or requests for public assistance in cases such as missing children, threats to school safety, emergency incidents, and other occurrences that require your attention. Messages are prepared and delivered by the Calgary Police Service through email, voice, and text messaging. Residents and business owners within the City of Calgary can register online or at their local police district office.

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Your Privacy

We take our responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your personal information very seriously. When you apply for service, we collect information that allows us to verify your identity and credit history so that we can accurately bill and collect for the products and services that you receive. We will protect your personal information with the appropriate safeguards. We will protect the confidentiality of your personal information when dealing with other companies.