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About Us

Stampede Security Inc was founded by two Calgarians, Ellen Dure and Bill Carmichael, in early 2001. Bill brings over 30 years of security installation experience to the company, while Ellen has over 17 years of past telecommunications experience, including the former position of Emergency High Rise Evacuation Coordinator for the Telus Tower downtown Calgary.

Surveillance in the Living room

The main reasons for our success are repeat business and word-of-mouth from both happy residential and commercial customers throughout Southern Alberta.

Security systems are a great way to provide peace of mind. They provide a quick link to the authorities while you are away. Rapid response is an important element in security, but as you look into these systems, you also need to remember several elements, such as convenience, price, usability, and technical support. Your monitoring will be done by a ULC monitoring station that has multiple stations and responsive emergency plans in place.

What is unique about us and sets us apart from the competition is that not only is our monitoring station available 24/7, 365 days of the year but our business office and sales department are available for immediate customer support as well.